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We combine traditional technologies with highly customizable solutions that meet your exact needs.


Printed Circuit Design

We have all necessary technical resources to complete all phases of the design from definition of components and encapsulations, analysis of critical pathways, feeding plans, signal verification, generation of CAD and 3D files for manufacturing.


Printed Circuit Productions

We manufacture prototypes and series of printed circuit boards with the specifications and requirements of our clients based on provided documents.


Mounting electronic PCBs

We offer PCB assembly with THT and SMD electronic components assuring quality for both prototypes and mass series.

We provide end to end solutions from design through engineering to manufacturing.



Green Tech

Green technologies are expanding. OmnicaLabs is a reliable partner offering electronic manufacturing services to diverse types of companies. Whether about renewable energy plants, electric transportation, or other eco technology – we deliver energy management solutions to all industries.



In OmnicaLabs we offer design, engineering, and manufacturing services to manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies in the telecom industry. We provide electronic manufacturing service solutions that incorporate Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, GSM/GPRS, Sigfox, LoRa, etc.



IoT is already present in our everyday life – wearables, smart homes, entertainment –everything eventually interconnects. These complex products usually require reduced space, high quality and intricate functionality. We offer full solution, from design through engineering to manufacturing service.



Electronic manufacturing services for one of the innovative industries in terms of operations and processes. We work together with electronic suppliers to create new solutions for a continuously growing market.



Our compound medical capabilities allow us to design, engineer, and manufacture components of advanced medical machinery for diagnostics, drug delivery, and specific treatments.

About us

OmnicaLabs is an electronic manufacturing service provider located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We offer a variety of services including design, prototyping, SMT and THT assembly, etc. We provide end-to-end solutions, from design through engineering to manufacturing. The result: time and cost optimization.

Committed to high quality, our team is built up of experts with long experience in electronic manufacturing. We work only with reliable suppliers, following strict procedures under continuous quality supervision.

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